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SEED-PRO Service Package

  • All-In-One Business Management Platform adopted by 6 Million Organizations *
  • Your Business Activity, Data, Knowledge, and Tools - All in One Platform
  • Platform Cost For Unlimited Users: $199 / mo or less **

* The business management platform that we implement is Bitrix24. SEED is an authorized partner of Bitrix24. Our team is fully trained to implement the platform for our clients. SEED does not charge any markup on top of the MSRP. We are excited to discuss complete details during a demo.

** Platform cost depends on the package selected and could be lower than $199/mo. Pricing is per company for unlimited users, not per user. Depending on the selected package, a one-time fee of $149/user or less applies for setup, configuration, and training.

Achieve Productive Business Continuity with an All-In-One, Scalable Business Management Platform that Unites Your Team

Conditions during COVID-19 outbreak, more than ever, highlight the importance of an integrated business management platform for achieving productive business continuity. With the sudden shift in business dynamics and the resulting business gaps, decision makers are rushing to implement single-featured products that force them to buy separate solutions for communication, CRM, project management, file management, website landing pages and other business services. This piecemeal approach threatens business continuity and productivity.

Working with our partners, we have been offering the SEED-PRO Service Package. This service package helps small and medium-sized organizations prevent Segregated Tools Syndrome (STS) and achieve productive business continuity through an All-In-One Business Management Platform that

  1. removes the hassle of gathering data from multiple systems for decision making.
  2. unites your entire team by providing a permission-based access to all business data and a complete set of already integrated business tools via browser, mobile and desktop app.

With 18 interface languages, more than 6,000,000 organizations have already adopted this solution

The following highlights summarize several of the platform features. 

Platform Highlights

The platform's communication capabilities create a common space for information sharing and expedited decision making. The business chat for one-on-one or group messaging function allows for chat, audio or video calls. It also enables sharing documents, or images. Through its social network engine, you can send a message or appreciation to a single colleague, specified group, or the entire organization. Tools such as task management, document sharing, and time tracking are integrated into this social networking engine for maximum communication and work efficiency . 

employee management

The platform provides clock-in and clock-out functionality. Through this function, employees can mark the beginning and end of work days and allows managers to capture accomplished tasks and planned work summaries in productivity reports. Reports can be configured for daily, weekly, or monthly submissions and are a valuable resource for evaluation and efficiency assessments. 


The CRM function helps capture and store  contacts and a history of interactions. The sales funnel presentation gives an immediate account of transactions and their stages and CRM dashboards provide instant snapshots of the most important sales activities. 

Project Management

The platform creates a dedicated group for each project. All files, discussions, and tasks pertaining to the project are stored under the group and accessed by participants. Different project views, such as Kanban boards or Gantt Charts, are available. Groups can be accessed by internal or external stakeholders, allowing clients or contractors to collaborate on projects alongside your internal teams.  

file management

The platform allows for capturing various file formats such as standard office documents, videos, pictures and others. These documents can be shared with users for knowledge sharing or collaboration. The platform keeps track of file revisions to ensure the latest information is always referenced.

knowledge sharing wiki

Through its wiki function, the platform allows teams to capture and share accumulated knowledge related to your business.


Free unlimited hosting allows you to build as many webpages as you need! In addition, website templates are available for different industries. With just a few clicks, the Website Builder allows including web forms that are connected with the CRM on your webpages.

workflow automation

The workflow functionality of the platform allows your company to automate simple or complex processes involving document approvals, purchase requests, automatic lead assignments, leave requests, and much more. 

HR Management system (HRMS)

The powerful HRMS makes creating an employee directory and the management of employee profiles and organizational hierarchies a breeze. The subordination in the hierarchy determines who receives reports, who can delegate tasks to whom, etc. In addition, the platform offers functionality for awarding appreciation badges, commemorating upcoming birthdays, assessing the company pulse, and more to help unite and engage your team. 


Our pricing is simple and straightforwardBook a one-hour demo with us! We are excited to further discuss pricing and the value of the platform.

SEED has been helping organizations become efficient, scalable, and sustainable

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